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Egg Roll 2013!

Start with a bunch of families with children.  Add a generous dose of sunshine and warmth.  Toss with Easter eggs, bag races, and spoon rolls.  Say “Go” and glorious mayhem prevails.  Thanks to Dobby Baker and a bunch of volunteers who provided food and drink, the annual Maywood Egg Hunt was a blast from start to finish.



Dominion Heights Update: Properties Now Listed in MLS

Dominion Heights, at the corner of Lee and Monroe, has already sold a number of units.  More have started appearing on the Realtors Multiple Listing Service.  Prices range from $369,000 for a 1BR/1BA to $496,00 for a 2BR/2BA unit.

A couple interesting facts about the Lee Hwy median art panels! 

 Muralist Jarrett Ferrier, from Schwa Designs Custom Murals for Public & Private Spaces won the art contest to create the mural.  He then interviewed citizens of both Maywood and Cherrydale to determine the theme of the 6 panels.  Jarrett is willing to sell the original paintings, first come first served. You can reach him at Jarrett Ferrier [jarrett@schwadesigngroup.com] and check out his other work at  SchwaDesignGroup.com 

An interesting sideline is that the Christopher Company, builder of the Dominion Heights Condominium, was required to make a donation to the Arlington County Arts Fund.   Both the Cherrydale and Maywood Cvic Assns fought to have the money go to something here in the community. Apparently this was unique in Arlington Site Plan history. We then had wording inserted in the site plan that required the community associations to  select and approve the art, (ie, not the Arlington Arts Commission).  Apparently no other site plan has had the art fund remain in the community, with the community choosing the artist and project.

Introducing: VIP Ophtalmology

Nicole Renaud, MD, has moved her practice from Columbia Pike to 1050 Highland St N, Suite 210, in the heart of Clarendon.  Dr Renaud, a board certified medical and surgical ophthalmologist  is proud of her new state-of-the-art equipment, which includes a special eye exam room for children.  She is even prouder of the time she takes with each patient.  She is caring, capable, and ultra-conscientious.  For superb service, call Dr Renaud at 703.486.3991.

Looking Back: The Maywood Block Party 2012

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mbp may

Here’s to a great upcoming Maywood Block Party 2013!


Real Estate Update: Maywood (all prices are list prices, not sold prices)

2819 23rd Rd              $1,499,990         4BR/5.5BA

2210 Kenmore St      $1,375,000       4BR/3.5BA

2383 Kenmore St      $799,900           3BR/2.5BA

3214 23rd St                $944,500            6BR/4.5BA under contract

2821 23rd St                $720,000           4BR/2BA  contract with contingency

2840 Lorcom Lane   $885,000            5BR/4BA contract with contingency

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